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People may be watching how they spend, but when it comes to home flooring renovations, they are definitely spending, demanding more value and comfort for their money than ever before. According to the World Floor Covering Association, flooring manufacturers are getting the message. Manufacturers are providing products that are sensible, low-maintenance and easy on the budget. The result? More innovation and variety in a number of home flooring installation products.

The majority of residential flooring installation and renovation projects include the installation of hardwood flooring, tile flooring and laminate flooring. But there’s more to the home flooring renovation segment. For example, vinyl has been in demand lately. Choices for resilient vinyl flooring include a spectrum of styles, colors, textures and patterns. Add in vinyl’s easy-to-clean characteristics, comfort under foot and stain-resistance, and the result is increasing popularity with homeowners who don’t want to invest a lot in home flooring.

East Coast Flooring & Interiors is seeing an increased demand for what the company calls the “luxury vinyl” segment – top-quality resilient flooring with look-alike qualities that are increasingly difficult to distinguish from stone, wood plank and ceramic tile. Resilient vinyl floors are often used in basements because vinyl is unaffected by moisture and is low maintenance. The material is also being installed throughout a home, including living rooms, kitchens and baths.

Another popular flooring material is carpet. East Coast Flooring & Interiors confirms that carpet remains the marketshare leader in the South Florida market. “The variety of carpets these days is nothing short of amazing. Pattern, design, colors, interesting cuts, the whole feel of the material. There are more wow-factor choices than ever before,” said East Coast Flooring & Interiors.

Understanding a few simple basics about carpet will help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and budget. Cut pile is still one of today’s most popular constructions. It achieves its durability through the type of fiber used, density of tufts and the amount of twist in the yarn. Highly twisted yarn will hold its shape longer, making it a smart choice for high-traffic areas. With level loop pile the loops are the same height, creating an informal look. This style generally lasts a long time in high-traffic areas. Many of today’s popular Berber styles are level loop styles with flecks of a darker color on a lighter background. This is a good choice for contemporary to cottage furnishings. The multi-level loop pile style usually has two to three different loop heights to create pattern effects, providing good durability and a more casual look. The cut-loop pile style combines cut and looped yarns. It provides variety of surface textures, including sculptured effects of squares, chevrons and swirls. The multicolor effects hide soil and stains.

If there’s a growth category in home flooring renovation, it’s the green market. Most flooring manufacturers are adding lines that boast high recycled content and raw materials obtained from sustainable sources. Some of the more popular flooring installation choices include tigerwood and Brazilian cherry available as engineered planks; non-toxic cork made from the bark of the cork oak tree; tile and stone made from 40 percent recycled materials – the stone resists moisture, stains and bacteria, making it naturally hygienic; and carpet. Carpet industry leaders like Mohawk Industries continue making inroads into the green market by producing carpeting that features fibers made with corn sugar instead of nylon. Several manufacturers feature lines of carpeting with fibers made from 100 percent post-consumer food and drink containers.

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