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Bocaire Country Club | Flooring Installation | Boca Raton, Florida

Location: Boca Raton, FL
Website: www.bocairecc.com

The carpet installation completed at the Bocaire Country Club, in Boca Raton, FL, was one that required extensive carpet installation knowledge and experience.  To start, we utilized a doublstick application – this is where we glue the carpet to the pad and then glue the pad to the floor. It is not an easy carpet installation to do, and one that end users should be picky about. It is most commonly found in areas of high traffic that require a comfortable feel such as hotel corridors, high end dining rooms, etc.

The benefit is that it provides the cushion of a carpet pad without the drawback of waves and bumps caused by the moving of furniture and high traffic. Most high traffic areas such as offices, lobbies, etc. are “straight glue down,” where the carpet is glued directly to the concrete. Guest rooms are typically over pad, but will be installed over tack strips. This method gives you the cushion feel but is not glued down, so it is not good for high traffic areas. Doublestick is more expensive since there is double the labor required, along with double the glue.

In addition to the doublestick carpet installation process, the carpet chosen for installation, was an Axminster carpet.  Axminster is a wool carpet, and is made by machines which have the ability to create very large patterns, with a nearly limitless amount of colors, hiding dirt and stains.  Wool carpet is naturally flame retardant, so it is required in areas such as casinos where smoking is prevalent.