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2 Alhambra Plaza

Location: Coral Gables, FL

This was an opportunity to update a corporate office building in Coral Gables. We started out by installing inset carpet in the elevator lobby. The sophisticated Royal American Carpet is manufactured to remain looking new while still coping with the heavy foot traffic of a busy office environment.

We first built up the concrete underneath the carpet to achieve the finished look we wanted: the carpet is flush in height with the stone surrounding it. This lets the space shift between the two surfaces cleanly and smoothly.

The area rug in the lobby is a bespoke piece designed and hand-tufted specifically for this client. Designing hand-in-hand with the client allows us to make an office look exactly as they envision. This piece is also crafted by Royal American Carpets; its 100% New Zealand wool imparts the look and feel of luxury.

We were careful to move, secure, and protect the furniture and the delicate pieces of art featured in the space before installation. When we moved them back, they fit perfectly with the unique area rug design. Our client was pleased with the finished result. It’s a striking visual in both color and texture that sets the office apart. In fact, the feel of the area rug and its color builds upon themes that run throughout the building itself.