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Theater Flooring Installation in Broward County, FL

Choosing the right flooring for your home theater is vital because it can greatly affect the sound quality of the room. Even the finest speakers will not produce good acoustics if the room is not sufficiently prepared. This is because sound waves reverberate off bare walls and floors, creating an unpleasant echo. For this reason, it is vital to do your homework before installing home theater flooring so that nothing will keep your residential cinema from performing optimally.

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Types of Theater Flooring

Carpet Installer

Wood and tile installation are not recommended for home theater flooring installation. East Coast Flooring & Interiors recommends hiring a carpet installation; and a professional carpet installer will help you out. Home theater carpet installation serves many purposes. Far from just being a plush treat for the feet, it absorbs audio within the room, insulates from sounds outside. In order to understand which carpet to choose, you need to understand how sound behaves within the home theater. When audio waves exit the speakers, they are projected into the room. Since a home theater is designed to have “surround sound,” the cinema-like experience of feeling like you are in the movie, speakers are located throughout the room. A sound wave moves invisibly until it encounters an opposing force. What this force is greatly affects what the wave will do next. For instance, audio waves that hit a reflective surface (like a smooth wall) bounce off and head back into the space. If this happens, they will eventually meet other bouncing waves. This interferes with proper sound quality since rebounding dialogue sounds fuzzy and echoing music or background sounds are warped.

In order to experience movies in your home theater optimally, it is necessary to remove the majority of reflective surfaces. Carpeting will absorb sound waves that reach it, allowing each bit of audio to be heard and then essentially disappear. Used in conjunction with padded furniture and curtains, the right kind of home theater carpet installation will perform much the same as expensive theater insulation without the high cost.

A few additional theater flooring options include:

Aesthetics are as much of a concern as are acoustics. Several carpet installer companies, like East Coast Flooring & Interiors, cater to the whims of home theater enthusiasts. You can purchase carpeting made from a variety of materials, including wool, nylon and polyester. Nylon tends to be the most commonly chosen material for home theater carpeting installation. It’s easy to clean, durable and considered non-allergic. Wool carpeting may have a more elegant and plush look, but it tends to be a more expensive option. Polyester carpeting is available in many styles and colors, but it’s thought to be less hardy than nylon.

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