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Stadium Flooring Installers in South Florida

Because of today’s multi-purpose venue standards, stadiums have become year-round destinations for a wide variety of non-sporting events, from fundraisers and charity events to exclusive dinner parties and concerts. These facilities now cater to a wide demographic – from the diehard sports fan to the corporate client, expecting more than baseball or football for entertainment – and provide amenities that cater to all patrons.

This allows for a multitude of additional revenue-generating opportunities; however, along with the increase of amenity offerings has come the expectation of upscale design. No longer is the concrete concourse design acceptable; today, materials and finishes need to respond to the multitude of users and functions that could occupy the space on any given day.

The large interior spaces and uninterrupted floor space traditionally associated with public space projects like stadiums dramatically influence a building’s interior personality. Certain projects require an unadorned flooring approach so as not to detract from the exhibits within, while others benefit from bold color and unique patterns. Comprehensive commercial flooring design installations must perform, be easily maintained and continue to look good well after opening day.

Stadium Flooring Options

Tile Floor Contractors

As stadiums large and small continue to renovate to attract a larger crowd, East Coast Flooring & Interiors says it is incorporating a host of materials, including wood flooring, ceramic tile, laminate and resilient flooring into their stadium flooring installation projects.

At the new Marlins Park, for example, more than 175,000 square feet of quarry, porcelain, granite, ceramic and glass mosaic tile are used throughout the facility, including concession areas, corridors, restrooms, walls, locker rooms and showers, executive floors, and decorative walls and pillars. Sun Life Stadium’s 350,000 square feet of event space features both carpet and tile flooring installation.

Terrazzo and custom carpeting are popular materials used in stadium flooring installations, and for good reason. Terrazzo provides a long life appeal and ease of maintenance. The flexibility of terrazzo as a design medium allows for highly expressive graphic patterning. By varying matrix colors as well as aggregate size, colors and material, terrazzo supports a rich palette of colors and visual textures. From design to durability, terrazzo is a material that is well-suited for the unique demands of a stadium environment.

Design-wise, carpet flooring installation offers large-scale patterns, making it ideal for concourses, bars, member lounges and private box lounges. These carpets offer anything from classic fashion to contemporary design with unexpected patterns and colors. In the last couple of years, following behind the trend in ceramic tiles, rectangular formats have appeared on the scene. Mills are also coming out with more sizes in the square format and it’s more than likely that the tile flooring industry will further develop in formatting. Just some of the many reasons to hire some of the leading tile flooring contractors in South Florida…

When you install tile flooring, you are offered many pluses for stadium flooring installation, including beautiful patterns and colors. Plus, it is a natural acoustical conditioner, promoting speech privacy in large spaces; ease of installation or replacement with glue-less tack methods that are environmentally friendly; reduction in fall-related injuries; and non-color fading. In addition, it offers the advantage in high-traffic areas of being easily removed for soil, stains or damage, then cleaned or replaced with new tiles.

Some additional stadium flooring options include:

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