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Retail Flooring Installation in Jupiter, Florida

The retail world is highly competitive. To compete in the marketplace, retailers must keep their facilities in good condition. Customers want to make purchases in locations that feel luxurious, cool, edgy or authentic, not dated or shabby. A store that looks worn and dingy is a turn-off for shoppers.

Aside from the aesthetics, retail flooring installation is an important component. Flooring organizes the space, defines paths of circulation and creates merchandising zones. Flooring also helps set the tone and reinforces a brand. Our team at East Coast Flooring & Interiors has been installing South Florida commercial floors for decades, and is ready to get started at your retail location today!

Retail Flooring Options

Sometimes the right retail flooring installation sets a backdrop upon which the design is built, and sometimes the floor makes a big design statement. No matter if you are a mall, a large box store or a small boutique, retail flooring installation demands high performance, easy maintenance and maximum style.

Over the years, a majority of retailers have gone with floor tile installations, staying with the standard 8×8 or 12×12 tile set on a grid. Instead, consider installing porcelain tiles with natural finishes that mimic stone, quartz-based engineered tiles that have a variety of color and aggregate texture for accents, or wood or natural stone in special seating or focal node areas.

There are standards that designers often follow in retail establishments, but many of these design guidelines are being challenged. For instance, department store shoe sections traditionally feature luxe carpet installation with thick padding, not for the comfort of the customers as they try on shoes, but to keep the soles of the shoes they are selling from being scratched. Today, both the retailer and the customer are more comfortable with slightly imperfect soles, so designers are choosing retail wood floor installation and floor tile installation to achieve a particular design style.

Take a look at some of the more popular retailers out there. Macy’s uses 18×18 polished white porcelain tile in its flooring installations. Likewise, Neiman Marcus uses 12×12 natural stone, which is polished to create a clean, upscale look. Starbucks stores typically feature a mottled warm porcelain, often with wood tones, and Best Buy has a standard carpet tile. Apple uses Italian stone and Anthropology stores feature a distressed wood installation. These standardized specifications set a brand style, encouraging customers to feel comfortable in whatever location they enter and, therefore, building loyalty.

Some more retail flooring options include:

Whereas slick and polished was the retail look of yesterday, today things are more natural looking. Finishes are the colors of sandstone, travertine, limestone. There is much more wood and stone being used. Traditionally, the circulation area of a department store was always stone or wood installation, and the rest of the store was carpeted in broadloom. Now, departments are installing wood, porcelain, stone or carpet tile.

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For secondary floors, retailers expect a floor covering to last five years. Ideally, an aisle should last eight to 10 years, but sometimes designs are out of style before they are worn out. East Coast Flooring & Interiors has experience installing flooring in South Florida’s retail sector, including large malls, stores and boutiques. We offer a collection of high-performance flooring products that meet the most rigorous challenges the retail environment faces: durability and flexibility for high-traffic areas. Whether building a LEED-certified store or simply renovating, we offer rubber flooring, carpeting, hardwood, marble, porcelain, stone, vinyl, vinyl planks and laminate.

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