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South Florida’s hospitality and commercial industries are always booming. Room demand is up and rates continue to jump. Maintaining a fresh, clean look is a key competitive edge in the hotel business. Hospitality design must stay fresh looking. One of the best ways hotels can stay ahead is by replacing its flooring.

Flooring makes a strong statement. Oftentimes, it defines the space. The right floor can offer the look of luxury and refinement that keeps guests coming back. With higher occupancies, comes higher foot traffic. Hotels require different flooring for different areas, but it all must meet the same criterion: it must perform, be slip-resistant and be able to hold up for long periods of time. Because of advances in technology and production, the market now offers a plethora of hotel flooring installation material options that have dramatically changed hospitality flooring design. At East Coast Flooring, we have installed dozens of commercial floors in hotels across South Florida.

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Hotel Flooring Options

Though broadloom and Axminsters still dominate the sector in public spaces, corridors, ballrooms and meeting rooms, East Coast Flooring & Interiors says that hard surfaces are becoming popular in common spaces, especially in boutique hotels and luxury properties. Many properties are using ceramic, marble, wood, and faux wood flooring in high-traffic areas like the lobbies, baths and even the restaurants.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring and vinyl plank flooring have made dramatic strides in terms of its look in recent years. East Coast Flooring & Interiors is installing vinyl flooring in areas where owners want, for example, a wood look but a product that is nearly indestructible and needs comparatively little maintenance. Vinyl flooring installation is also being used in extended stay hotels that have kitchens, and is more prominent in the economy to mid-scale market.

Some properties are incorporating both carpet and wood flooring, where wood is being used a border around a carpet installation. Tile flooring is another favorite due to its high design quotient and durability. Both porcelain tile flooring and ceramic tile flooring are tough and extremely scratch-resistant, temperature tolerant and stain-resistant. They are easy to clean – just a light wipe or damp mopping does the trick. And, both are allergy free.

Another popular choice for hospitality flooring is carpet tile installation. Carpet tile is versatile, easy to install and easy to replace (piece by piece). East Coast Flooring uses a lot of carpet tile in mixed-use spaces, including corridors, guest rooms and public spaces. Carpet tile requires less material to do the job in almost every case.

Common hotel flooring options include:

The recession has impacted how designers specify hospitality and hotel flooring installation. East Coast Flooring & Interiors says that it’s all about durability, timeless design and ease of maintenance. “We try not to follow trends. We want to be able to give our hotel clients a look that will last longer than in the past,” said the company.

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East Coast Flooring & Interiors is committed to offering innovative commercial and hospitality flooring designs. We specialize in commercial projects of varying size, including convention centers, airports, retail, night clubs, hospitals, hotels, country clubs, casinos, theaters, offices and office buildings, condominiums and apartment complexes.

Whether you are building new construction or are renovating an existing hotel or commercial space, East Coast Flooring & Interiors understands the flooring challenges you may face and the constraints commercial businesses operate under. We are experienced in making sure that the flooring installation process is a smooth one. With a large selection of flooring products from leading manufacturers, including Masland, Fabrica, Roca, Daltile and Armstrong, we can handle any design issue and meet any budget constraint.

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