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Hospital Flooring Installation in South FL

It’s important for hospitals to create economically and environmentally attractive environments – from lobbies and family waiting areas to corridors and patient exam rooms. The hospital flooring installation you choose is crucial. You not only want it to look good, it has to withstand various pressures.

Hospitals generally install vinyl flooring, using vinyl composition tile (VCT) floors. Initially, as a very inexpensive floor covering it was quite ubiquitous. Guests have come to expect a glossy shine they often associate with “clean” that is the result of a high-maintenance regimen. This inexpensive material can produce endless patterns. It requires sweeping and wet moping as well as regular stripping and waxing. East Coast Flooring & Interiors are considered exerts in South Florida commercial flooring installation. We recognize the importance of hospital flooring, and have installed commercial floors in hospitals all across South Florida. Our team is ready to start working with your hospital today.

Types of Hospital Flooring

Today there are more products available in hospital flooring installation. Stunning floors can be designed through the use of water jet cutting technology. A growing trend for healthcare flooring installation is luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and vinyl planks. Innovation in printing techniques has produced amazing finishes. Along with modular products, there are numerous vinyl plank patterns that feature a wood look; some even have beveled edges to enhance the plank effect. The advantages these products offer are high resiliency, high point loads to resist indentation, more sound absorption than VCT or porcelain tile, comfort and ease of maintenance. Vinyl tiles easily pattern and can be water jet cut prior to installation for more intricate patterns. They are often manufactured with antimicrobial additives.

Vinyl rolled goods can be cushion backed for added staff and guest comfort and installed with heat welded seams to form a complete germ barrier.

Hospital carpet installers say that broadloom carpet is still a cost-effective option for offices and areas where replacement and heavy traffic is not such a big concern. Increasing in popularity is the carpet tile. In non-critical care healthcare spaces, carpet tile offers many pluses, including beautiful patterns and colors; is a natural acoustical conditioner, promoting speech privacy in large spaces; ease of installation or replacement with glue-less tack methods that are environmentally friendly; reduction in fall-related injuries; and non-color fading.

Natural rubber tiles or rolled rubber flooring is also an excellent choice for healthcare flooring installation. Rubber is a rapidly renewable resource, very durable, a good shock and sound absorber, has a natural finish that gets better over time, is naturally antibacterial, is very low maintenance and comes in a beautiful array of colors. This product is perfect for elderly and pediatric environments and is easily pre-cut in intricate patterns using a water jet technique.

Hospital floor installers like East Coast Flooring & Interiors also recommend porcelain tile. Like carpet, you may want to place it judiciously, as it is incredibly durable and easy to clean with no liquid absorption. Porcelain and other forms of tile are popular for both walls and floors in the entryway, lobbies and restrooms.

Some excellent hospital flooring options include:

Codes and regulations often make it challenging to achieve sustainable results in hospital flooring installation design, but a wide variety of new – and old – products are providing green solutions. Terrazzo flooring, once used extensively in healthcare facilities, is finding its way back to common spaces while linoleum is being used more extensively in patient units. Available in both tiles and rolled goods, it can be water jet cut to create intricate patterns. It’s naturally antibacterial and antistatic, as well as durable, flexible and sound absorptive. With a 30 to 40 year life cycle, linoleum flooring can be damp cleaned, but not wet cleaned.

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East Coast Flooring & Interiors has performed flooring installations for South Florida’s hospitals – from lobbies and family waiting areas to nursing stations to exam rooms and patient rooms. We offer a collection of high-performance flooring products that meet the rigorous challenges in hospitals and other healthcare environments. Whether building a LEED-certified facility or simply renovating, we offer rubber flooring, carpeting, hardwood, marble, porcelain, stone, vinyl, vinyl planks and laminate.

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