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Cruise Ship Flooring Installers in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Cruise ships remain one of the travel market’s fastest-growing sectors. In fact, cruisemarketwatch.com predicts worldwide passengers will grow from 21 million in 2013 to around 23.7 million in 2017. One of the best ways cruise ships can stay ahead is by keeping its décor up to date, including flooring installation.

Quality commercial flooring makes a strong statement. Oftentimes, it defines the space. The right floor can offer the look of luxury and refinement that keeps guests coming back. With higher occupancies, comes higher foot traffic. Cruise ships require different flooring for different zones, but it all must meet the same criterion: it must perform, be slip-resistant, be fire retardant and be able to hold up to heavy traffic for long periods of time.

Cruise Ship Flooring Options

Wood Flooring Installation

Carpet plays a major role in cruise ship flooring installation. Striking bespoke broadloom and Axminister still dominate, covering areas like the main atrium, alleyways, restaurants, casino, children’s area, spa, gym and staterooms. These carpet installations absorb sound, provide heat insulation and create a safe environment, providing a non-slip surface and the ability to soften any impact. Carpets in general absorb airborne pollutants to give better air quality indoors and they are easy to clean.

Some types of cruise ship flooring include:

Cruise ship flooring installer East Coast Flooring & Interiors says that many ships are upgrading, with some becoming more lavish, taking the luxe factor up a notch by using marble, hardwood, tile, wood, and faux wood flooring installation in high-traffic areas like the main lobby, promenade, baths and even the restaurants. For example, the Queen Mary 2’s two-floor duplex suites feature marble bathrooms and the owner’s suites on Oceania’s Marina and Riviera feature wall-to-wall velvet carpeting.

Tile flooring installation is a favorite due to its high design quotient and durability. Both porcelain tile flooring and ceramic tile flooring are tough and extremely scratch-resistant, temperature tolerant and stain-resistant. They are easy to clean – just a light wipe or damp mopping does the trick. And, both are allergy free. Hard wood flooring installation and marble both add beauty and elegance to any space, and cruise ships are finding it to be a popular choice.

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East Coast Flooring & Interiors knows that color, styling and design determine the look and feel of a cruise ship. We also know how vital it is that the floor coverings stand up to high foot traffic and be easy to clean and maintain. We offer design services, product technology and an extensive selection of flooring products for the lobby, common areas, dining areas, multi-purpose areas and cabins and suites of cruise ships.

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