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Office Flooring Installation in Miami, Florida

Every aspect of your building’s interior design contributes to the image of your company, and your workers’ level of comfort and performance. Your office furniture, lighting, walls and décor are all factors that deserve serious planning and consideration. So too does your corporate flooring installation choice.

With new designs and innovations, the commercial carpet flooring installation business isn’t what it used to be. At East Coast Flooring & Interiors, we offer South Florida commercial flooring, and can help your business find the perfect flooring needs for your office.

Office Flooring Selections

Broadloom carpet still dominates as the number one choice for corporate office flooring installation. It’s a cost-effective option for offices and areas where replacement and heavy traffic is not such a big concern.

While carpet tile floor installation is growing across the commercial flooring installation market, there are situations in which broadloom is still the soft floor covering of choice. Both broadloom and carpet tiles have attributes that count not only in cost, fashion, installation, maintenance and reclamation, but also in specific market segments.

In regard to cost, broadloom is almost always less expensive than tile. Even though the cost between broadloom and tile is narrowing, comparing a 20-oz. tile and a 20-oz. broadloom, both with the same face fiber, the tile could be as much as 50 percent more expensive per square yard.

Installation cost is also an issue. Carpet tile is less expensive to install because there is less waste and it’s more efficient to put down, especially in large, open areas.  The installation of broadloom is more expensive, being more labor and skill intensive.

Design-wise, broadloom carpet flooring installation offers large-scale patterns, making it ideal for areas with large spaces. These carpets offer anything from classic fashion to contemporary design with unexpected patterns and colors.

In the 1990s, the tile flooring installation design was still considered in its infancy stage. The looks were basic and fairly uninteresting. People didn’t really know how to design with it. In the last couple of years, following behind the trend in ceramic tiles, rectangular formats have appeared on the scene, most notably by Shaw. Mills are also coming out with more sizes in the square format and it’s more than likely that the floor tile industry will further develop in formatting. As for color, there are a few clear trends. One is bright colors as accents, in part to complement the range of low-key neutrals (particularly grey) that dominate the field designs. Different forms of teal are strong, as are purples and orange.

Carpet tile flooring installation offers many pluses, including beautiful patterns and colors; is a natural acoustical conditioner, promoting speech privacy in large spaces; ease of installation or replacement with glue-less tack methods that are environmentally friendly; reduction in fall-related injuries; and non-color fading. In addition, it offers the advantage in high-traffic areas of being easily removed for soil, stains or damage, then cleaned or replaced with new tiles.

Some additional office flooring selections include:

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East Coast Flooring & Interiors has the experience in both broadloom flooring installation and carpet tile flooring installation in South Florida’s corporate offices and small businesses. We offer a collection of high-performance flooring products that meet the rigorous challenges work environments face. Whether building a LEED-certified facility or simply renovating, we offer rubber flooring, carpeting, hardwood, marble, porcelain, stone, vinyl, vinyl planks and laminate.

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