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Convention Center Flooring Installer in South Florida

A convention center accommodates a wide range of visitors based on the needs of those using it. Carpet tile installation plays a major role in convention center flooring installation. It provides heat insulation and can generate significant energy savings – a plus for any convention center. Plus, carpets create a safe environment, providing a non-slip surface and the ability to soften any impact. Carpets in general absorb airborne pollutants to give better air quality indoors and they are easy to clean and reduce noise rather than magnify it.

Designing for spaces like a convention center differs from other commercial projects in that these large public spaces contain open expanses of pre-function and meeting space, providing an opportunity to create a grand impression. In addition, spaces are used for long stretches of time, must hold up to heavy foot traffic, and must accommodate the use of scissor lifts and palette jacks.

Convention centers generally use broadloom and Axminsters for carpet flooring installation. With their timeless look, these carpets have been updated with unexpected patterns and colors to satisfy any design need. These high-quality carpets give a unique feeling of ultimate luxury. They are popular commercial flooring installation choices for meeting rooms, halls and ballrooms. They offer practical and environmental benefits, and are aesthetically pleasing. Be sure to use experienced convention center carpet installers like East Coast Flooring & Interiors when replacing or adding carpet.

For trade show booths, many exhibitors are using interlocking carpet tile installation techniques. This carpet tile installation is excellent for trade show booths because the tiles provide a thick, foam base with a nice carpeted top. These tiles give you the cushion you need for long periods of standing while also making the booth look fantastic. Interlocking carpet tiles are convenient because they are lightweight, making them easy to store and install. They can be installed over any hard surface, including ceramic tiles, wood and concrete. For a wall-to-wall installation, simply cut the tile at the wall with a sharp utility knife. These tiles are waterproof as well as stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum.

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East Coast Flooring & Interiors knows that color, styling and design determine the look and feel of every zone or room in a convention center. We also know how vital it is that the floor coverings you choose stand up to high foot traffic and be easy to clean and maintain. We offer design services, product technology and an extensive selection of flooring products for the lobby, common areas, meeting and multi-purpose areas of convention centers. Whether building a LEED-certified facility or simply renovating, we offer carpeting, hardwood, marble, porcelain, stone, vinyl, vinyl planks, rubber and laminate for all areas of your country club facility.

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