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Choosing the Right Healthcare Flooring Materials

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What is the “right” healthcare flooring? You need a floor that can stay clean, rejecting the relentless attacks of bacteria and allergens. You need a floor that can sustain a high volume of foot traffic. It also needs to absorb sound instead of echo or amplify it. You need a floor that maintenance can clean swiftly and repair with minimum interruption. On top of all that, it still needs to look and feel comforting to patients and visitors.

How do you fill all these needs?


Luxury Vinyl Solves Many Issues

Expert South Florida flooring subcontractors will suggest luxury vinyl plank and tile. These are ideal solutions for most healthcare flooring environments. They don’t need to be waxed; they’re clean and comforting; they can sustain high foot traffic without showing wear.


Further, these surfaces can look like wood or tile but they aren’t as hard underfoot. They don’t have the imperfections that collect allergens like wood can, nor do they suffer the coldness and lack of insulation of tile. Their subtle give also creates enough softness to take the edge off falls, and they won’t echo like harder surfaces would.

Aesthetics & Ease of Maintenance

Because their designs can be made to order, you can easily employ patterns and colors. These can serve to help guide nurses and visitors from section to section. Or you can add color to a family section that helps visually comfort a scared or worried family.


Best of all, luxury vinyl plank and tile can be replaced easily – and without tearing up an entire floor. You can simply remove a section, replace a damaged plank or tile, and then replace the section. It takes a fraction of the time of more complicated materials.


As top South Florida flooring subcontractors, we can install the floor and show your maintenance staff how easy it is to replace a damaged component. This way, years down the road, you have the knowledge to take care of it yourself with extra boards you have in storage, rather than having to stress over repair costs.


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