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Unique Ways to Install Tile in Your Home

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Tile isn’t just for the floor anymore. Easy tile installation and application techniques mean it’s a breeze for your flooring subcontractor to add creative projects to your list. Choose the right color, size, and texture, and you can spruce up everything from an uninspired wall to old furniture.


Tile Wall

This can be the entirety of a wall or just a section for accent. Either way you go, it adds both color and texture to a space. We recommend lighter colors for most spaces. Since walls do a lot to reflect light in a space, keeping your palette lighter helps the room feel open. This kind of tile installation is great to liven up spaces that tend to feel a little “blah.”


Kitchen Island or Counter Top

You can tile a kitchen island or counter top for a unique look. This immediately sets the aesthetic of your kitchen apart from just about anyone else’s. It takes a bit of math and work, but a flooring subcontractor can easily add a feature like this for you. Bright colors, interesting patterns, and neutral colors are best for this. Avoid any un-appetizing colors, of course, like brown or green.



Before you throw an old piece out, if it’s got a good flat surface that can be worked with, you might consider tile installation. Just like a kitchen island, a table or desk can be tiled to give it a unique feel. This allows old furniture to live out second lives. This is a great option for creating colorful furniture for outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces, like patios and porches.



For recessed shelving, tile can be a good idea to set that space apart. It can mark that shelving as different from the rest of the room – perfect for specialty items, fine glassware, or the trappings of a good bar.
When it comes to tile installation, the sky’s the limit! Ask us for more ideas or bring us some of your own.


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