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Things to Know for Your Assisted Living Flooring Installation

Assisted Living Flooring Installation | East Coast Flooring Installation

There’s no “one size fits all” solution for commercial flooring installation, least of all when you need to install in an assisted living environment. It must be safe, comfortable, soothing, and budget-friendly. When it comes to assisted living carpet installation, here are a few things that you should know.


Types of Flooring

Rubber, carpet, cork, and vinyl are good flooring options for assisted living environments. These are all surfaces with texture and resistance, so you won’t slip on them as often as other types of flooring. (Just make sure the vinyl has a good slip resistant co-efficient.) These are also all soft surfaces with some give, so in the event of a fall, the resident is less likely to be injured.


Rubber and vinyl are obviously better for spills, whereas carpet can stain and cork can absorb. Yet carpet and cork offer a warmth and feel to the foot that rubber and vinyl lack. Rubber is ideal for softness, but can give off a faint smell. This isn’t harmful but may be a minor bother for some.


Installation Process

Commercial flooring installation typically involves removing the whole floor and then laying down the entire new floor. Yet an assisted living environment can’t shut down for renovations the way a retail store can. There’s no other place for residents to go; it is their home, and it is where they receive vital care. Therefore, assisted living carpet installation is like few other installation processes.


For assisted living flooring installation of any kind, any part of the old floor taken up must be replaced by new floor at the end of every day. This means that the installation works around the everyday work your personnel have to do. The desire here is to effect a low impact installation that replaces the floor without interrupting or distracting from the needs of residents and work flow of employees alike.


If commercial flooring installation is on your to-do list, we are happy to help you select and implement the best solution for your facility.

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