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Choosing the Right Tile for Hotel Lobbies

Tile for Hotel Lobbies | East Coast Flooring & Interior

Every hotel flooring installation is different. It has to be unique to that specific brand because each hotel has its own identity and seeks to communicate something different to its clientele. Let’s take a look at options for one of the most critical areas: the lobby or entryway.


Tile for Hotel Lobbies


The lobby is the very first interior space a guest will see. It is, in many ways, the “face” of your establishment, and it will shape every other impression visitors (and employees) have about your hotel.


Porcelain tile is the favored choice. It’s remarkably durable, which means you won’t have to complicate your life and burden your budget with re-flooring for a long time to come.


On top of this, porcelain has low porosity, meaning its surface has fewer imperfections that trap dirt and allergens. This is a feature that’s often overlooked when choosing tile for hotel lobbies. Guests track in a lot of dirt, sand, and dust. That’s to be expected. Allergens also accumulate, and you never know what allergies guests are susceptible to. A tile like porcelain resists capturing and retaining both of these elements. Your lobby will look cleaner, guests with allergies won’t be set off, and maintenance is easier and faster.


Large format porcelain tile cuts are becoming more popular. They make for an easy install, and recent designs emulate the aesthetic of wood and stone well. Aim for a color or pattern that can accommodate heavy foot traffic. Very glossy, pure white tile looks incredible — before a guest has set foot in the door, but they’ll show wear and tear quickly.


This is why hotel flooring installation skews towards materials, colors, patterns, and textures with natural-looking appearance. Natural textures are irregular, and our eyes lose blemishes like scuff marks in the unpredictable pattern. Yet these textures aren’t so over-busy that they tire the eye. It’s why wood and stone offer such a comforting look. Unfortunately, neither offers the same durability as porcelain. Luckily, choosing porcelain in wood and stone designs gives you the best of both worlds.


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