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Long-Term Benefits of Maintaining Your Commercial Flooring

It may seem like a pain at the end of the day, but maintaining your commercial flooring can be a great cost cutter in the long run. As a South Florida flooring contractor, we’ve pulled up some pretty worn planks and threadbare carpeting. We replace it with tough flooring that’ll last, but even so you’ve got to put a little work into keeping it looking great.

Maintain your commercial flooring | East Coast Flooring & Interiors

Soft Flooring

For soft flooring surfaces (VCT, linoleum), floor finish can help protect your floor from regular wear, as well as the grit and sand that’s dragged in from outdoors. This can significantly extend its lifespan. Keeping these floors well-finished will take a bit of time, but it’s ultimately less time-consuming than replacing gouged flooring — and a whole lot more cost-effective.



For carpeting, routine, thorough vacuuming is key. Grit can get ground into the fibers, wearing them down every time someone steps on that grit and works it back into the carpet. Carpets also have a tendency to trap allergens. There are newer, hypoallergenic carpets that avoid this, but for carpets that don’t fit this standard, vacuuming helps customers with allergies breathe easier.


Hard Flooring

Harder surfaces like wood, cement, and tile require less maintenance, but it’s still worthwhile to clean them. For wood, be careful about spills. Clean these up right away, since liquid can eventually warp wood and make it ill-fitting to its neighboring planks. Also keep your grout clean on tiled surfaces so that you don’t end up with grimy lines running across your floor.


Maintenance Makes the Store

There’s also nothing that gives a customer pause like a floor that’s falling apart. Whether it’s warped and creaking wood, chipped tile, or frayed, stained, and worn carpet, these are all signs that the space isn’t even cared for. 


Take it from a top South Florida flooring contractor: maintaining your commercial flooring saves you time, stress, and money while making your business more attractive and inviting.

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