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8 Things to Know Before Installing Luxury Vinyl Tile

Installing luxury vinyl tile | East Coast Flooring & Interiors

Installing luxury vinyl tile can be pretty straightforward, but you’ll want to keep several factors in mind when making your choice. As commercial luxury tile contractors in South Florida, we’ve installed a lot of beautiful luxury vinyl tile floors. We’ve also come across a few mistakes builder have made. Here are eight keys to remember before installing.


  1. The two best aspects of installing luxury vinyl tile are its low cost and ease of installation. This surface can even be installed over one previous floor layer. This can save you from ripping up an old floor. 
  2. Pay attention to durability. Luxury vinyl can last from 10 to 20 years. That’s still a wide range, so make sure you know the life expectancy of your top vinyl options.
  3. Surface protection is important. Luxury vinyl tile is a good cost saver, but this doesn’t mean you should skimp on protection. That extra surface layer can resist stains and scratches, making the floor look better for longer. It’s an easy way to extend the floor’s life.
  4. Consider your heavy-use areas. Specific-use areas like bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms are good choices for high-end vinyl. There’s a reason entrance rooms aren’t always included on these lists. If a floor’s going to get a lot of foot traffic, consider a urethane finish to protect the floor and extend its life.
  5. Just because luxury vinyl tile is resistant doesn’t mean it’s immune. You’ve still got to maintain it sensibly by wiping up spills quickly. Luckily, it’s easy to sweep and mop.
  6. Designs have come a long way. When installing luxury vinyl tile, consider emulating the look of stone or hardwood.
  7. Luxury vinyl tile can become sun-damaged over time. Close the curtains or blinds when you’re not home to help protect it.
  8. Repair is difficult on luxury vinyl tile, especially if it’s sheet vinyl. Therefore, take everything we say about protective layers and maintenance seriously. A few simple steps can make your flooring last years longer.


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