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Residential Hardwood Flooring Trends

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Hardwood floors are here to stay. Despite numerous fads (remember shag carpets?), hardwood flooring emerges as the sleekest, most classic flooring trend Year after year. When thinking about redoing your own residential hardwood flooring, there are some nifty ways to make your floors modern and reflective of your personal style.


A top trend is wide-plank flooring. While classic 2.25-3.5 inch planks are always in style, adding a wider plank adds some rustic sophistication to any room. Fewer seams widen the look of your space, making the room look much bigger.

The type of wood is also key. This in and of itself can create a room’s atmosphere. A trendy, urban kitchen might pair nicely with a maple hardwood. Not only would this open up the room, it would also convey a light, arid tone. Perhaps you want to redo your library floor, in which a dark walnut would go well with the fireplace and cozy armchairs. An even more modern way to decorate would be to simply mix and match the types of wood.

While before, residential flooring installation companies would gasp at the idea, now many are recommending marrying two complementary types of wood. In an airy, soft bedroom with light woods, a dark oak floor will make the space feel at once dream-like and grounded.


Another trend, and a great way to tie a room together, is to install hardwood ceilings. Especially in homes with high ceilings, this can add a flair of sophistication in an otherwise underappreciated asset. Many residential flooring installation companies would recommend a painted white or light-colored crisp hardwood ceiling to elongate the walls but simultaneously draw attention to the ceiling.
No matter what you choose, make sure it matches your home’s sophistication and your own personal style. Hardwood flooring is no trend; it’s here to grace homes and businesses with its beauty, durability, and quality.

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