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Best Commercial Flooring Installation for Gyms

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Gym floors. The ones from school don’t exactly bring back great memories – the way they were never cleaned enough so they always had a permanent stickiness to them. A professional gym should never feel like that. Quality commercial flooring installation means it never has to. What floors can you go with that are easy to clean yet retain their freshness for years on end?


Wood flooring is more expensive than poured urethane. It is more susceptible to water, sweat, and foot traffic, but a good overlay can help protect it. This gives you a floor that keeps things feeling more relaxed and comfortable. People like wood flooring and what it evokes, but you’ve got to take care of it.


Synthetic flooring like that poured urethane is better for active sports. Basketball and volleyball need the kind of floor where the foot won’t slide or scrape. Athletes want to be able to set their foot and push off, giving them stability and quick change-of-direction. You can’t push off to leap, sidestep, or dive on surfaces where your foot slides out when you set it. Always ensure sports surfaces are most appropriate for that sport, or injuries will mount up quickly.


Rubber floors work best for large fitness areas. There’s almost no other choice when athletes are working with weights. Rubber floors withstand free weights being dropped and the bit of give they have make them soft on joints when athletes are using universal weight machines.


Carpet may be an option for stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and other cardio machines, but rubber may be a better choice here as well. It’s more durable than carpet and stains and sweat are more easily cleaned off. Rubber floors are not suitable for any sport environment, however. Where their give is easy on the body for weight lifting, that same give becomes risky for planting and turning quickly.
Luckily, you don’t need to be an expert. South Florida flooring subcontractors can help you make the best and most informed choices for commercial flooring installation based on your gym’s needs.

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