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Hospitality Flooring Trends

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Commercial flooring installation varies depending on what industry you’re in. A shop, for instance, won’t need the same feel of welcoming and comfort that the hospitality industry needs. Given this space’s unique needs, what’s trending in hotels and lodging?

The very concept of hospitality flooring is to embrace someone the second they walk in the door. The feel of your space has to make them feel more comfortable than they’ve felt elsewhere. That requires balancing the practical needs of your commercial space with the warm feel of a residence. That’s a tall order, and not easy to accomplish.

Above all, your flooring has to match your personality, and the personality of the space you manage. If your design can successfully do this, customers will open themselves up and relax more.

Part of the balance you have to meet rests in giving your customers a relaxing focal point. If your floor boasts complex patterns and your decor is busy, there’s no soothing point on which to rest the eye and mind. It has to be one or the other. Your floor can be complex if everything above it is presented simply. Alternately, if the space itself is busy and requires attention, the floor pattern should be simple.

Tile flooring is a great way to find these balances because it serves the durability needs of hospitality spaces while allowing a variety of both simple and complex patterns. Tile flooring also bests high-grit concrete because it evokes home in a way concrete never can. It’s also easy to maintain and hard to damage.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is another good choice. It’s easy to clean and has become tremendously sophisticated in visually emulating other materials, such as wood. It also has a slightly soft give underfoot, which can evoke the feeling of home as well.

In commercial flooring installation for hospitality spaces, the balance between comfort and utility is key. Just remember the aesthetic balance as well – always give the customer a visually comfortable part of your space where they can feel grounded and at home. 

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