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Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Office

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Commercial carpet installation can make or break the mage of a business. Making a space feel dreary and uneventful can slow down employees and repel customers. No do you want to make a commercial space feel too busy and overwhelming. Finding a balance between these two extremes is key.


If you have standout pieces of furniture or a unique design in your office, consider using a neutral colored carpet. These tones serve as a reliable background for the other design elements of your office. The carpet essentially fades into the background, complementing the foreground elements that draw the eye.


Strikingly colorful carpeting is trending, its popularity surging due to the statements it can make. This kind of carpeting best fits an office that might aim to be a bit more spare. If you use less furniture elements, the architectural elements of your office are traditional, or there are fewer talking points, consider a deep blue or red carpet. These become their own talking points and have the ability to draw the eye in.


Be careful about mixing these two approaches. Neutral furniture atop neutral carpeting will come off as bland and uninspiring. Deep colors in your furniture combined with bold colors in your carpet risks overloading the eyes and providing too much stimulation.


In smaller spaces, avoid dark or more colorful carpets – these absorb more light and so may make the office seem smaller than it is. Neutral or natural colored carpets will reflect brightness and keep a space looking energetic.


Large spaces do better with bold coloration, keeping open areas more interesting. Neutral colors can fail here because they aren’t striking enough, and can make a larger, open area feel less personal and more antiseptic.


Patterns are still some of your best bets, especially when commercial carpet installation is done by East Coast Flooring. We’ve a history of designing unique and striking carpet for hotels and resorts. Carpet installation in South Florida can be a process that challenges your design eye. Let us help and ensure your space reflects your professionalism and style.

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