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10 Tile Designs that Showcase Your Floor

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Considering tile flooring installation to ensure your home looks its best? Before you go further, take a look at 10 tile designs guaranteed to do the job.


  1. A straight lay is the conventional pattern where every square tile matches up in a line with the next. It’s classy, straightforward, and it’s good for areas like front rooms and entrance halls, where the continuous lines help guide guests further into your home.
  1. Or throw your guests for a tizzy and lay your tiles diagonally. This is a straight lay, but where the tiles are oriented at a 45-degree angle. It’s a great way to make a space feel larger, especially with brighter tiles.
  1. Diagonal with notches or dots is essentially a diagonal tile lay with small, accent tiles inset where the corners of the larger tiles meet. They can be laid every few tiles for best effect.
  1. A brick pattern takes every other row of a straight lay and shifts it half a tile sideways. This offset pattern is better with smaller or medium-sized tiles and is a great way to utilize tiles where the coloration varies. It evokes the winding nature of a cobblestone path.
  1. Windmill surrounds small square tiles with four rectangles. It creates a somewhat grid-like pattern where it’s easy for the eye to get lost. It adds a sharp accent to a space.
  1. Checkerboard tile flooring installation is for those Alice in Wonderland fans out there. Alternate two colors to create a checkerboard or chess pattern. It’s artistic and ensures a space stands out.
  1. Hopscotch insets a small square of miniature tiles among a rotational pattern of larger squares. It’s another good way of making a small space feel larger.
  1. Mosaic is a pattern created by alternating squares and rectangles of different colors. This creates texture and is used well in transitional spaces between larger areas.
  1. Modular is like the mosaic pattern writ large. Tiles of three or more different sizes are used to create a pattern. Though there’s order to the pattern, it appears more unpredictable than it is. It’s attractive to the eye, but be careful about using different colored tile. Modular is more about the unpredictability of its shape pattern, and so tiles of the same color are often the best choice here.
  1. Herringbone uses long rectangular pieces set against each other diagonally. The effect is one of a directional weave across the floor. It can make a space feel longer in the direction the herringbone points.


As a residential flooring contractor in South Florida, East Coast Flooring can walk you through every step of choosing a tile design, and we’ll handle your tile flooring installation without a sweat. Talk to us about what design you’re considering.

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