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The Benefits of Commercial Carpet Installation

What are the benefits of commercial carpet installation? Simply put, it solves a lot of problems. Is it the answer for your business?


Just a few of the advantages you can expect:


    • Noise reduction. Whether tile, stone, or wood, work can get noisy, especially in office environments where high heels, hard flats, and Oxfords and other dress shoes clack on the floor all day. In an environment where concentration on single tasks is required, and there’s a higher concentration of people, carpet can actually be one of the best ways to help your employees focus.
    • Insulation. Carpet helps maintain a stable temperature. When it’s cold out, a carpet helps keep things warm inside, trapping heat. The same concept works in reverse. When it’s hot outside, a carpet acts as an insulator, trapping the cool air inside. That makes it a terrific investment in conserving energy costs. The larger the space, the more true this is. Often, carpet can pay for itself in this way alone.
    • Maintenance and cleaning benefits. The best choice for commercial carpet installation is typically nylon broadloom. Broadloom is easy to clean, while nylon adds stain-resistant properties. Most importantly, nylon broadloom provides terrific durability in heavily trafficked areas.


  • Aesthetics. Carpet sets the tone for an environment. It can fill large, open spaces with color, pattern, and texture. In terms of comfort, its softness underfoot can save strain and impact. It may not seem like much, but the difference between walking on a hard surface for 8 hours versus walking on a soft surface for 8 hours adds up on your joints. Furthermore, carpet limits damaging slips and falls, since a spill won’t make it slick and any falls that do occur are cushioned.

If you want to know more about the benefits of commercial carpet installation, contact flooring subcontractors who have designed and installed flooring in spaces from high-end resorts to small shops. Find the best solution for your business.

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