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Go Green with Eco-Friendly Hotel Flooring Installations

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Afraid eco-friendly flooring will be a hassle to source and install? After all, when ecologically friendly items first became popular, they were often more expensive and not always up to the same standard as traditional options. The good news is that as technology has advanced, eco-friendly options have become both cost-effective and high-quality. Often, they’re healthier, too.

Consider carpet made from recycled, eco-friendly materials. More traditional, artificial approaches to carpet are still a decent option if they’re maintained well. However, a lot of older carpet retains bacteria and sheds volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at a high rate. Traditional carpet can also trap allergens and lawn chemicals tracked in from outside.

Modern, sustainable carpets are inherently lower in toxicity while also being easier to clean and maintain. Hotel flooring installations , for example, are trending toward sustainable carpets because of their easier maintenance, better health standards, and equal durability.

Hardwood floors can also be sourced from sustainably managed forests. These come from forests where trees cannot be harvested unless additional trees are planted (usually this requires multiple plantings for every individual tree cut down). This helps conserve not just the forests, but the animals and plants that live in those forests. Hardwood is unlikely to trap allergens, bacteria, and chemicals brought in from the outside. They’re also exceptionally durable. Some hardwoods last more than a century, and that helps conserve materials.

Tile and linoleum also offer terrific resiliency, beauty, and hypo-allergenic qualities. They are both available in all-natural forms. Natural linoleum is biodegradable. The nature of other materials has changed over the years, too. Where bamboo was once over-harvested due to its popularity, it is now sustainably farmed away from bamboo forests that were once under threat.

As commercial flooring contractors, we also have the best access to natural padding for noise reduction and insulation for energy savings. We take tasks like eco-friendly flooring seriously, from sourcing to installation. Talk to us about your eco-friendly needs and we can come up with a unique plan that suits your home in terms of appearance, health, and sustainability.

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