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Florida Flooring Guide: Top 10 Flooring Picks for Florida Coastal Living

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What are the best choices for flooring when living on Florida’s beautiful coast? Each choice offers unique advantages. Here are some of our favorites when it comes to Florida flooring:

1. Marble Flooring

Water resistant and durable, marble tile is a perfect floor installation for sweltering summers and highly trafficked areas. Marble increases your home’s value, while reflecting light and keeping a space fresh and cool. Best of all, it’s a breeze to maintain.

2. Laminate/Vinyl

A laminate/vinyl hybrid combines vinyl’s water resistance and shock absorption with laminate’s scratch-and fade-resistance. They can also emulate a hardwood floor perfectly.

3.Wide-Plank Hardwood

Wide-plank lends a rustic feel to any surface. A wax finish brings out the natural texture and can protect spaces like covered patios that transition from outdoor to indoor.

4.Ceramic Tile

You can’t go wrong with water-resistant, durable ceramic tile. There’s such a wide availability of color and design that it can fit any room.

5. Granite Flooring

Textured, durable, and easy to maintain, granite is a beautiful choice. More than any other stone, it magnifies the depth of a room in how it reflects light.

6. Linoleum

This one’s for businesses. Linoleum is easy to install, low maintenance, and is designed to stand up under heavy foot traffic.

7. Bordered Carpet

Carpet with an intricate border design gives narrow spaces depth. Light colors open up the space and reflects light, while dark borders provide texture, expand its edges, and give it greater length. A perfect choice for hallways.

8. Reclaimed Hardwood

This earth-friendly choice is reclaimed from razed buildings. It often comes from ultra-durable old-growth hardwood.

9. Fir Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking for durability combined with protection from heat and cold, fir floor installation is your best bet. The depth and texture makes it an ideal fit in many spaces.

10. Bespoke Design Carpet Flooring

You’ll be shocked at the intricacy we can deliver. Too often, carpet is thought of as a practical afterthought when it can be the core design element that takes a space from dull to lively.

Florida flooring offers so many unique opportunities to reflect the water and sky, to bring those beautiful parts of our daily lives inside in comfortable, reassuring ways.

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