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How to Find Your Perfect Floor Color

You may have been considering a brand new floor for some time now. A high quality wood floor can really increase the value of your home, and this can be especially useful if you’ve been thinking about selling. Even if you aren’t going to sell your home, a new floor can be very satisfying, from walking over it to just enjoying the look. But what kind of hardwood floor installation should you do? With so many different wood types out there, which color is best for your home?

Floor Color Options | East Coast Flooring and Interiors

A great idea is to visit a flooring showroom. They can provide you with the widest selection of floors available. But don’t just visit – bring something from your home with you that will be complemented by the floor. A pillow from your couch. A paint sample. A shelf or cabinet sample. Something that you know the wood is going to be affected by. If you don’t have anything that works, then do the opposite; bring floor samples home with you and see how they look when placed next to pieces of furniture.  Remember; think complementary, that way when you contact flooring contractors, you know exactly what to ask for.

Consider that hardwood floor installation prices vary as well, which means the type of wood can affect the project. For example, oak and maple can be less than cherry and hickory. In that same vein, many types of wood can be stained various colors as well, so remember to pay attention to the wood names when comparing pieces.

Before you call flooring contractors, make sure to look at the samples under both natural light as well as at night in artificial light. You may like it one way, but not the other. You want to like your new floor all the time, so only choose the option you enjoy in both lights.

Don’t be afraid to take your time. Hardwood floor installation is an important undertaking, so only contact flooring contractors once you know for certain that you’ll love whatever wood you ask them to install.

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