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3 Office Designs that will Spring You into 2016

Giving your office a facelift this spring can really help boost your business. Not only will the design give the place a refreshed look, it will also please employees and guests by giving them something brand new to walk into every day.

Tile Flooring Installation | Floor Installers Share Tips for Spring Office Designs

A green space indoors may seem a little ambitious, but when done right it can really brighten up any workplace. By including trees and other nature-themed looks and concepts, this can help give people a breath of fresh air – even if they’re still inside. Hardwood floors in light colors, or even reclaimed wood, are definitely worth asking your floor installers about.

Expanding the kitchen can help give more space to employees to relax rather than feel cramped during their lunch breaks. The open area also allows for more appliances and possibilities for lunches. Tile floor installation here is a must, as it is easy to clean and comes in any number of colors and patterns.

Creating an amphitheater-style, open seating instead of using a typical conference room can also boost productivity in surprising ways. No longer do employees feel like they’re stuck at desks like a classroom or locked in a small room at a table. Now they can sit in a more unique setting that is also more relaxed for ideas to flow. Ask floor installers about the various types of wood that would work best here.

These are only a few ideas that can help give your business a boost in 2016. You may be surprised at just how much can change when you improve an employee workspace. If you can’t redo entire rooms, then perhaps a change in flooring can work. Dig out that ugly old carpet and replace it with a snazzy tile floor installation. Take out old wood floors and put in a brand new one. Sometimes even something that seems small can make a huge difference.


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