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Retail Flooring Estimations

If you know you need flooring for your retail space and you have an idea of what type of material you want, then the next question most likely is “How much do I need?”

Retail Flooring Estimations

Retail Flooring Estimations

The methods used by estimators to calculate retail flooring estimations utilize various units of measurement: square feet, square yards, linear feet and item counts. The first step is to determine the amount of flooring materials needed to complete the project. In most retail flooring estimations, the project floor plan, finish schedule and specifications can be used to help identify the types of flooring, the locations of each flooring type and the total measurements required.

East Coast Flooring & Interiors maintains a full-time estimating department staffed by experts who have grown up in the trade and understand how the work actually gets done. Our estimating department knows from experience how to read between the lines in a set of plans and to identify potential problems before they occur.

Our experts embrace retail flooring estimating, bid analysis, management and monitoring of projects, and economic analysis and forecasting. Our estimating team is engaged with each of our projects, whether residential or commercial, from conception through installation. Our method of flooring estimating provides us greater knowledge of each project, which translates into reliable communication between our office, field personnel and the client.

At East Coast Flooring & Interiors, estimating isn’t something we do just at the beginning of the job. We pride ourselves in providing complete flooring estimates. This is your assurance of a job done right, on time and on budget. Our estimating department stays close to the job at every step. With our proprietary software, our estimators are able to monitor costs in real time, work closely with clients on every stage of the project, estimate change order costs and finalize change orders with the clients.

For our retail clients, we formulate highly accurate conceptual estimates that take into account the proposed project’s approximate size, scope and building type. Our conceptual estimates are “vetted” against past projects of similar nature and scope, assuring that the total price or square foot cost is as accurate as possible.

To learn more, or to get a retail flooring estimation for your retail space, contact us at 954.321.5721 or visit online at eastcoastfl.com

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