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High-Quality Condominium Flooring

The new South Florida boom in home construction is gaining momentum. This is according to a report by Metrostudy, a national housing data and consulting firm that maintains the most extensive primary database on residential construction in the U.S. housing market.

High-Quality Condominium Flooring

High-Quality Condominium Flooring

With at least 160 new condo towers — more than 21,300 units — already proposed for South Florida, consumer demand is very strong, especially for the second home market and foreign buyers. With so much competition, it’s important that condo associations consider the aesthetics of their building’s common areas, including the flooring.

Flooring definitely makes a strong statement. Oftentimes, it defines the space. Installing high-quality condominium flooring in the common areas — especially the lobby — not only offers the look of luxury and refinement, it just may help potential buyers make an offer.

Condominium flooring does take a beating from the inside elements, as well as the outside elements. High-quality condominium flooring offers many options, including hard-surface flooring like stone, wood and tile.

For indestructability, the best choice is stone flooring. Marble and granite are some of the most expensive types of flooring, but also the most durable. These materials are in high demand in South Florida condo lobbies and foyers. The key to long-lasting stone flooring is in the installation. Maintenance for stone is easy — simply clean with soap and water and give it a professional buffing every few years.

Other types of stone are enjoying new popularity as well. Slate is becoming a favorite because of its deep, matte finish. Sandstone is also trending upward. With marble, the price can vary widely depending upon the type. Terrazzo, a poured mixture of chipped stone, also performs well in lobbies.

Hardwood flooring is another high-quality condominium flooring material to consider. A classic and elegant look, wood can be expensive, but it may be one of your best choices when it comes to long-term investment. Hardwood is easy to clean, strong and durable, and like stone, when properly installed can last a long time.

High-traffic areas used to be no place for bamboo floors, but not anymore. New techniques are making bamboo floors harder and denser. Still want the look of wood or bamboo but not the cost? Consider wood tile. Tile is big business in South Florida and the wood tile trend has been gaining momentum for a while. Technology is transforming less-expensive tiles like porcelain and ceramic, giving them the look of marble, granite, agate, malachite, terrazzo, limestone and wood. Today, there are more styles and sizes to choose from than ever before.

First introduced as a modern take on hardwood floors, this trend has inspired all sorts of new dimensions for tiles — the most popular being long narrow planks, as well as different colors, patinas and finishes. Tile options range from a finish that looks exactly like dark stained walnut to industrial style to a well-weathered fishing boat in France.

With so much to choose from in high-quality condo flooring, it may be hard to decide which way to go. Flooring experts recommend you work with a flooring designer who can help you every step of the way.

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