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Flooring for High-Traffic Areas in Florida

As condo associations and condo boards look to improve the aesthetics of their property, choosing the right type of flooring for high-traffic areas is critical.

Flooring for High-Traffic Areas

Flooring for High-Traffic Areas

Condo flooring takes a beating from both the inside and outside elements. Obviously, not all floor finishes are ideal for all locations. Proactive managers and condo boards will partner with industry professionals and the building’s maintenance manager to determine the right flooring for each location in the building. As condo boards focus on the aesthetics of their building, various factors should be taken into account when planning to install new flooring, whether in new construction or a remodel. For example, if during Florida’s heavy rainy season a building experiences moisture build-up in the lobby, wood flooring may not be the right choice.

When choosing the correct flooring material, it’s important to consider the purpose of the room or area, the amount of traffic within the area, the environment and the life expectancy of the flooring material to be installed. Also consider ease of maintenance. All flooring needs attention. Spills on carpet need to be removed as soon as possible, terrazzo might require regular buffing and marble might require polishing. Over time, the cost to maintain flooring in high-traffic areas will add up.

There are many flooring options for high-traffic areas, no matter how large or small the condo building or area. Stone is always a great investment for any condo flooring installation project because it’s indestructible and durable. Plus, the maintenance is easy – simply clean with soap and water and give it a professional buffing every few years. Both marble flooring and granite flooring are in high demand, especially in luxury condominiums and high-end lobbies. Marble is prized for its beauty, durability and variety of colors and patterns.

Hardwood flooring is just as popular as stone and offers another alternative for practicality and aesthetics. Hardwood is much longer-lasting than carpet, which has a tendency to fade, lose its color and stain. To keep costs in line, laminate and veneers are also a great choice. Also trending is cork flooring. A natural sound insulator, cork ranks as a popular flooring solution for commercial use for its durability, warmth and ease of maintenance.

Beyond the condo lobby, carpet still remains the number one flooring option for the community and meeting rooms, gym and hallways. Today, condo managers and boards have many choices in terms of color and design when it comes to choosing new carpet for a condo carpet installation project. Broadloom and Axminsters still dominate, but many condo buildings are also installing carpet tiles in their common areas. Comfort, style and convenience in cleaning are just some of the reasons carpet tiles are popular. Available in a wide variety of colors and textures, carpet tiles offer the same soft look and feel of broadloom but they are more versatile. The biggest advantage that carpet tiles have over wall-to-wall carpeting is that individual tiles can be removed and replaced if they are worn or get stained.

Another flooring option to consider for the gym is rubber flooring. It’s durable and high-performance rubber flooring is available in both sheets and interlocking tiles. A thick rubber floor like the ones found in commercial gyms can address vibration caused by treadmills and the clanging and dropping of weights.

Since one of the first things that people see when entering a condo building are the common areas, such as the lobby and hallway to the elevators, it makes sense that you would want the floor to stand out. Remember, first impressions are important. It’s smart business to engage a flooring expert like East Coast Flooring & Interiors in the discussion of installing new flooring. Once the new flooring is installed, it’s smart business to keep a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule to ensure that your carpet, wood, granite, marble or tile flooring lasts a very long time.

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