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Flooring Installation in Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach is an island paradise known for its exclusive waterfront estates, luxury single family residences, mid-town condos and homes, and oceanfront condos. With such grandeur, the flooring installation in Palm Beach homes is important, as it needs to make a statement.

Flooring Installation Palm Beach

Flooring Installation Palm Beach

Natural stone is a great investment for any Palm Beach home flooring installation project because it’s elegant, indestructible and durable. Plus, the maintenance is easy – simply clean with soap and water and give it a professional buffing every few years. Both marble flooring and granite flooring are popular choices. Marble has a beautiful, unique look like no other surface. It’s been used in palaces, temples and homes for thousands of years, and is prized for its beauty, durability and variety of colors and patterns. Marble is found in various countries like Belgium, France, Great Britain, Greece, India, Spain and Italy. Some of the first marble floors were created and installed in ancient Rome. King Louis XIV filled Versailles with it, Michelangelo carved David from it and Shah Jahan used it to build the Taj Mahal.

Granite is another flooring installation option for Palm Beach homes. Granite is very hard and does not break or crack easily. The ancient Egyptians quarried granite exclusively for use in various constructions. Most of their monuments were built using granite and limestone. Granite contains an infinite amount of lime and is the hardest stone used as a building material. Although polished granite may be a very hard surface, and does resist scratching and pitting better than marble and limestone, when it does get scratched it has to be diamond-ground, honed and polished – which is an expensive process.

Travertine, another natural stone, works well in flooring installations in Palm Beach. Often sold as marble or limestone, though it’s neither, travertine’s a sedimentary rock composed of calcite. It’s nearly impossible to keep a shine, but once it settles into its native, matte finish, few materials offer the warmth that travertine does. Both the Trevi Fountain and the Coliseum in Rome, Italy, are made from travertine.

Since flooring installation in Palm Beach is a major investment, it’s recommended to talk to qualified Palm Beach flooring professionals before making any flooring decision. Local flooring experts like East Coast Flooring & Interiors can provide personalized service and professional direction to help guide you in choosing the right flooring material for your home.

As a leading Palm Beach flooring installation company, East Coast Flooring & Interiors offers the best selection in flooring options. Our Palm Beach flooring experts will schedule an in-home measure and project assessment, and our flooring designers will work with you to choose the best flooring for your needs.

As a top Palm Beach flooring company, East Coast Flooring & Interiors brings more than 20 years of experience and quality work to both residential and commercial flooring projects. Whether you are building new construction or are renovating an existing home, East Coast Flooring & Interiors understands the flooring challenges you may face. We are experienced in making sure that your Palm Beach flooring installation process is a smooth one.


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